Texas Sweet Potato Pie

In week three of preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast, my bestie shared a recipe for a sweet potato pie she swears by.

I made some edits to make it my Texas Sweet potato pie.

Simplicity in sweetness

Waiting… waiting… waiting

I forgot how sturdy sweet potatoes are, so the cooking and mashing of the spud took a little longer than I would have liked. But, it gave me time to pull in all the other ingredients and prep the pie crust.

I’m advanced enough to make my own pie crust!

The crust was a little more flaky than I typically like, but it wasn’t so bad I needed to start over.

Upon spreading the crust into the pie pan, I pulled some of the excess dough from the edge and covered the mishaps.

What’s that smell?

When I mixed together the butter, sweet potatoes, sugar and evaporated milk, the concoction smelled a bit like dirt. Concern started setting in.

Then, I added the vanilla and cinnamon (which I’ve coined cinna-yum!) and all my apprehensions melted away (like the butter)!

Using my handy-dandy hand mixer, the creation smoothed out and made a creamy orange blend, which easily poured into its awaiting cradle.

Text sent to my bestie: “She purdy.”

The simplicity of this recipe is perfect for a novice or someone multi-tasking. It took very little effort to combine everything, and while it was baking, I was able to focus on a banana-raisin loaf and 20 breakfast tacos for my co-workers.

After photographs, it was time to dive in. I am not ashamed to say this slice took me less than two minutes to devour. The smooth texture melted in my mouth immediately. I was able to pick up the subtleties of butter and a hint of vanilla in the overwhelming sweetness of the potatoes.

I think this delicacy just might end up on the Thanksgiving table. Two dynamic recipes down… one more to go!

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