My 365-day “Move” journey

It’s been six months since I published a blog. I’ve been on a bit of a journey.

When I started this site, it was an effort to chronicle my life as I navigated a new world into my 40’s as a single woman. I was trying new hobbies, meeting new people and learning plenty of new life lessons.

Then COVID-19 happened

With the pandemic, came more hours working my day job. As a professional communicator, the last thing I wanted to do at the end of a 14-18-hour day was write more. I wanted to unplug and unwind, because I knew the next day I would be writing more about a deadly disease that no one understood.

This also meant a change in my attempt at hobby hunting. I quickly learned most hobbies I wanted to try, involve people. Or, they involved going somewhere to buy, try or learn something. I had to put that on hold. (Which frankly, was fine because I had no time to do anything new!)

Keep moving

My 2020 dance floor.

Even though I went silent here, there was one thing I kept doing: Moving.

I chronicled my creativity in adapting my living room into a dance floor to conquer six-months of moving. The city lights outside my window glittered, giving me a perfect setting for my own club.

Why stop now?

When I achieved the six-month goal to close my Apple “Move” ring, I realized there was no reason to stop. I mean, if I can keep moving during a worldwide pandemic, working from home 14-18 hours a day, what excuse could I possibly have for stopping?

Nine months. Still moving.

So, I extended the goal to one year: 365 days.

I went on a beach vacation with my best friend. We walked miles along the shore to close our rings. I reached nine months on that quiet beach.

I’ve visited my family for a week here and there. I’ve kept moving – even if it’s 11 p.m. on a Tuesday.

There is NO EXCUSE. I can dance anywhere. I can walk anywhere. Just keep moving.

Dancing into a new year

Last night, as I was preparing for a new hobby (more on that soon, I hope), my best friend sent me a text of encouragement. She knew it was day 365. She was ready to celebrate with me.

The gym in my apartment building is now open. The community walking path is now re-filled with mask-wearing visitors. But, I decided the city lights were calling for another dance.

I danced into Day 365 listening to my “Girl Power” playlist, and realized how powerful achieving this goal made me feel. I never gave up. I refused to let a pandemic, a crazy work schedule or self-isolation stop me.

Now I’m focused on making it two years. I might need some new moves and a few new playlists, though…

My journey in circles.

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