I need a new hobby

I started this blog as a way to document my journey into hobby hunting. Six months ago my only hobbies were working and drinking wine.

In the last half year, I’ve taken up baking, tried my hand at home improvement, worked out some workouts and even done a little bit of gardening.

When I try new things I am usually one who fails at a first attempt, but enjoy the experience and thought sharing it with others could be a fun outlet for both parties.

One step forward, two steps back

But lately, I’ve been pouring myself back into my work. I have a new role which requires a lot of meetings (which I don’t love) and creating (which I do love).

That means:

  • I get to write and brainstorm video ideas.
  • I get to have a voice.
  • I get to work 50+ hours a week.

Last Friday around 5:00 p.m., a co-working friend asked me if I was about to leave. I explained I had a project due Monday, so I would not be leaving anytime soon.

She responded, “Oh, well you’re single, no one is waiting for you at home.” What she didn’t say, but was clearly implied was, “You don’t have anything better to do.”

I was hurt and offended. But then I realized, she wasn’t entirely wrong. I didn’t have anything I needed to leave work to do.

So, I’ve decided to resolve that issue.

Damask anyone?

In an effort to find new hobbies, I have ordered a damask stencil to create a fun art piece for my bedroom wall. I still need paint and brushes, but those will be gracing my apartment shortly.

I’ve also got an Instant Pot and food processor in the plans. As someone who absolutely hates cooking (and there is a difference between cooking and baking), this Instant Pot situation is one I’m hesitant to take on. However, I need to eat, and my friends tell me it’s an incredible machine. We shall see.

In the meantime, my goal to close all three Apple Activity Rings has taken a bit of a turn. While I’m currently on day 126 of closing those move rings, I have only closed the exercise ring 123 of those days. The ultimate goal is 180 days of activity, so I’m well on my way to that goal.

I’ll be on the lookout for other new hobbies. A couple of my friends have agreed to try glassblowing with me and painting while drinking wine. I’ve contemplated a cooking class or two, but I really hate cooking, so that’s just a thought for now.

There’s even talk of dating…

Work will always be there. That Instant Pot might be sold out soon. Time to get a move on!