Workout Woes

As my 40th birthday nears, I’ve decided now is the perfect time to get in shape. Taking a cue from my bestie who ventured into her fifth decade on earth a few years ago saying, “I’m going to be a fit 40-year-old,” I thought, “Why not?”

Now, I think I have my answer.

Triple disappointment

I previously mentioned a fitness goal of mine was to close all three of my Apple Watch Activity Rings for seven days straight. After accomplishing that, I took a little two-week break from overachieving.

Then, I woke up one day and panicked that my 40th birthday vacation was just two months away and my goal of losing two dress-sizes was slipping away from me.

Lots of calories in a recent C25K run.

So I got back on that wagon (or treadmill if you will). I dedicated myself to two-a-day cardio workouts three times a week, and a 30-60 minute run or walk the other four days.

That first week, I lost three pounds. I figured if I stayed on that trajectory, I could easily slide into a smaller size in December. My activity rings showed I was burning nearly 1,000 calories most days.

Three straight weeks. Three pounds.

But, having just finished week three of this routine (and all of October’s activity rings), nothing more has happened.

Three weeks of closing all three activity rings for a total of three lost pounds. Talk about a disappointment.

It’s not just the workouts

You’re likely thinking, “Dawn, it’s more than just running and cardio. Nutrition and strength training matter too.”

Food consumption so far.

For the record, I’m also eating better. And eating less. I’ve added healthy breakfasts and fruit and vegetable snacks. I’ve reduced my carb intake. I haven’t had a wheel of cheese in a month!

I have also cut down on my alcohol consumption. I honestly had an entire week in which I didn’t take even a sip of wine.

Using the “Lose It” app, I’m documenting every morsel I devour. I’m under my calorie allowance every single week. The app tells me I will reach my goal by November 30, 2019.

Still – nothing. I plan to begin strength training in the coming week.

So why keep doing it?

My friends keep telling me it will happen. I want to believe them.

But more than anything, now I want to close all three activity rings for the entire month of October. Regardless of the weight, I am feeling better. I’m sleeping better, and I have more energy.

So even if I can’t fit into a smaller size right now, I can’t stop the activity train.

I’m coming for you.

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