Coronavirus = Conditioning

We’re all dealing with a “new normal” these days. For some, kids are around ALL the time. For others, your partner NEVER leaves. And for people like me, there’s no one around, so there’s a chance of isolation.

But one thing we all have in common is the lack of gym time. Like everyone else I know, my gym has closed. And for the record: my gym is IN my apartment building. So, not only am I relegated to staying home alone, I can’t even venture downstairs to the treadmill.

Coronavirus = Closed

If you’ve followed me for the past several months, you know I’m on a mission to close my Apple Activity Rings for 180 days straight. While I gave up on closing that green one in January (for some reason running errands doesn’t count as running), I stayed true to closing that elusive red one: the “Move” ring. (Side note: the blue “Stand” ring happens without a lot of effort, so I consider that a gimme.)

When I received the “work from home” order on March 13, like so many of my friends, I was concerned. Not only about toilet paper, but about my goal to close that red ring. At the end of that day, I was on Day 166.

By March 16, my gym closed and I still had 12 days to go.

Coronavirus = Creativity

I had to get a little creative with my workouts. I had already started “dance parties” on nights that had me working late (thanks COVID), so I thought it might work to just extend those parties.

I’m going to be 100% honest: working 14-hour days to deal with the pandemic does not lend itself to a 2-hour dance party at the end of the night. But, with all the bad news happening around me, I knew dancing around my apartment was not only the best way to stay sane in this time, but the best way to work off pent-up energy.

So, I pushed play to my 80’s, 90’s and 00’s dance parties over and over again.

By Day 179, I wanted nothing more than to run on a treadmill. I understand how incredibly rare that is, but I was tired of my own moves on my living room dance floor.

But… it was Day 179.

Coronavirus = Culmination

On Day 180, I checked my watch around 6:00 p.m. I was so far behind my daily checkpoint, I was concerned that my COVID-19 coverage had caught up with me.

But with the encouragement of my best friend, I got even more creative. While I waited for my next work assignment, I turned on Spotify and danced. When the assignment came my way, I danced in-between typing and approvals.

By the time I logged off from work for the night, I was caught up. Then, it was time to dance.

I cannot adequately explain what this icon meant to me when it popped up on my watch and phone.

For the last six months, I had been working toward this goal. I mean, after happy hours with friends, I was on the treadmill. Instead of going to the movies, I was watching on the run. Between recent work assignments, I was running.

When this lime green and pink shield showed up, I had nothing else to do but dance with joy.

So, I kept dancing.

Coronavirus = challenge accepted

After Day 180, I was at a crossroad. What now? I hadn’t really thought about it.

But on Day 181 and Day 182, I moved more. I went for a 5 mile walk. I danced to a new playlist. I kept moving.

That theory that when you create a habit, it’s hard to break, is true. I could have sat on my couch all weekend. I mean, I finally had a weekend off from work. I could just sit.

But, after six months, a habit formed. I had to keep moving.

As I close this, I’m at Day 182. I don’t know how many consecutive days I will continue closing my “Move” ring. But, I know coronavirus won’t be the reason I stop.


  1. I actually continue to close those move rings!
    I’m on day 326 right now.
    I haven’t been blogging because other than closing those rings and working, I don’t really have anything fun to write about.
    Hopefully things will change soon & I can get back to hobby hunting in public with real people!


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