A perfect month

We all have a measurement for what makes a good time.

  • Long talks on a patio with a dear friend?
  • Sunset walks on the beach?
  • Drinks all around?
  • Exercising for 31 consecutive days?

Probably not so much on that last one. But, for the month of October that became my fun. It was a game. The only way to lose was to stop.

Trick or treat?

Early in the month, my bestie mentioned she had set a goal of closing all three of her Apple Watch activity rings every day. By that time, I had reached my goal of 7-straight days, so it took less than 30 seconds to decide to try to join her.

I’ve chronicled my workout woes. I’m thankful I had a bigger goal in mind, or I would likely have stopped after week three.

And I’m not sure why we picked October of all months to do this. One word: Halloween.

Who doesn’t want to go to block parties? (Dancing in the street counts as exercise, right?)
Don’t you want to be home when the ghouls and goblins knock on your door and proclaim in those harmonious little voices, “Trick or treat!”? (I mean, I don’t. In fact, that was actually motivation to get me out of the apartment…)

October also happened to be another very long month at work. The last week of the month, I saw the inside of the office more than the inside of my apartment.

So when All Hallow’s Eve arrived, I was at a crossroad. I had just finished the longest week of the month, arriving home after 7:00 p.m. I just wanted to sit down, eat cheese and drink a gallon of wine (why don’t they make bottles that big?) before another long day on Friday.

Instead, I changed out of my “Pink Ladies” costume and went to the gym. The angel on my shoulder was louder than that devil and repeatedly kept saying, “It’s just one more day. You have eleven minutes left. You have 100 calories left.”

Crossing the finish line

During my warmup, I noticed my bestie was just a few active calories short of her goal too. So, I had to encourage her via text.

She hit me back with the same. She’s way more active than I am, so the fact that she questioned herself this month was encouraging; I wasn’t the only one who had moments of doubt.

Then almost simultaneously, we did it. Every. Single. Day.

On a roll

As I write this, I’m now on a 35-day move streak. I can’t stop now, right? I mean, Saturday I ran for 43 minutes and burned more than 500 calories. I’m trying new strength training that leaves my arms feeling like noodles for days. How can it not be for a bigger goal?

Keep moving forward

So I’m aiming to keep this train going through Thanksgiving. I can move while I’m baking. And let’s be honest – after eating all those baked goods, turkey and sides, I’m going to want to go for a four-hour walk.

I’ve still only lost about four pounds. And while I would like to fit into a smaller size (just one would be a victory), that’s not the motivation. Those red, green and blue rings are.