Tackling my nemesis… again

After a couple of weeks away from the kitchen to let my burns and ego heal, I returned to the scene of the sugar crime. I mean, we’ve all heard, “when you fall off a horse, you get right back on.”

Most of the sugar is gone, but the scars remain.

As I mentioned in the last blog, I know there will be trials and tribulations in my quest to find a fulfilling hobby. But I truly believe I can find something I’m good at and enjoy simultaneously. And as much as I don’t want to admit it, baking has turned out to be a sweet treat of a challenge.

iPad to the rescue

Since my previous recipe card was a victim of the carnage from the sugar debacle, I had to turn to my trusty iPad to recover it.

With this being what feels like the 826th time I’ve attempted this recipe, I was able to mix everything together fairly quickly. I even had time to shop online for silver leaf (which will be part of a hobby project in the coming weeks).


As I watched the temperature in the candy thermometer rise, I felt confidence that I would get it right this time. I stayed true to the recipe. I was paying attention (in between silver leaf research). I had everything prepared for a simple mixture. I was going to succeed over ‘never fail peanut butter fudge.’

Keeping an eye on the temperature.

Then it happened. The sugar/milk mixture started to rise. The candy thermometer hadn’t reached softball stage yet. What was I supposed to do?!

I suddenly had flashbacks to smoke filling my apartment. I looked down and saw where my finger still has a scar (and a bit of nerve damage), and I just knew I couldn’t take this chance again.

I pulled the pot off the stove and poured the liquid ooze into the waiting mixing bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

It looked lumpy. I had to pull out a whisk to smooth everything out. My spirits dropped. I just knew it wasn’t going to be right. I didn’t even bother to document with photos.

Peanut butter fudge pudding

I let the fudge sit overnight, with hopes it would firm up while I dreamt of sugar plums.

Unfortunately, it didn’t. While it tasted like the fudge I love, the consistency was much closer to pudding.

Luckily, I have friends who don’t care. They like peanut butter no matter what form it comes in. The concoction was gone within 24 hours.

For me: On to attempt 827.


  1. I’ve heard from ladies in the farming community that I now live in, that the humidity has a lot to do with peanut butter fudge setting up or not. Even my Mom with 50 plus years of cooking experience sometimes ended up with “spoon fudge”. Still delicious, but only edible with a spoon. 😀

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